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As much as I absolutely love In-Person Sessions, as I can get My hands on your body, I love Online also! If you are new and not ready for a physical Session, if you can’t get to see Me in Person or you just prefer Online, then I am ready for you!

BDSM is more about the mind than the body. If you are not emotionally and psychologically in the zone, then your body will just not feel it. This is why Online Domination works so well, because the biggest part of Domination for Me is really getting to find what makes you Submit.

Almost everything that I offer in a physical Session can be done Online. The main thing is that you just go with it and really enjoy yourself.

Online Sessions are pre-booked and pre-Tributed. Tributes can be sent via Bank Transfer or Amazon voucher to email. I offer Online Sessions from 10am to 10pm. Ensure you confirm on the day of your Session by 8am that all is still OK for the Session to proceed!

TRIBUTES are as follows…


15 Mins – £45

30 Mins- £70

45 Mins- £105

1 Hour- £140


15 Mins – £50

30 Mins- £70

45 Mins- £105

1 Hour- £140


15 Mins – £50

30 Mins- £80

45 Mins-£120

1 Hour- £160

So no matter what part of the World you are in, you can get on your knees and bow down to Me! 😉

What are you waiting for??

Keep Kinky!

Mistress Luci x

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