Extended Sessions Packages


This is an offer for clients I have met at least once!


I am now offering extended sessions at a heavily reduced Tribute. This is only for those who enjoy cell/cage time, as it will be LIMITED INTERACTION once I have got you in and tied up!!! Unless, you add extra session time.

Bondage, hoods, sensory deprivation and an escape from the world are all key to this. Chastity and or consensual imprisonment are also great additions to the intensity, if it is something you are interested in. The ending of the session can be discussed when enquiring! 😏

The time can be tailored also. Ie, a 3 hour can have the 1 hour session split to 15 minutes at the start and then 45 minutes at the end. 4 hour where it is 2 hour session, 2 hour cage time can be split into half hour segments. Many different options.

If you want just full cage time, no session, a time away completely from the everything, then this can also be discussed.

It will be at in My Private, fully equipped kink Playspace and not a regular Dungeon.


Minimum request is 3 hours. First hour is £180, this is classed as session time. It is then £75 per extra hour of cell/cage time after that first one.

Deposit is 50% of session requesting!

Text 07783 830 349 or email mistressluciwhite@outlook.com for booking and deposit details.


Keep Kinky!!!


Mistress Luci x