It is all about the Feet!!!

One of the most common Fetishes is the Foot Fetish. It is all about the feet! They are everywhere! In Winter they are hidden by big socks and boots. Teasing you to wonder what colour polish is on those cute little toe nails. In Summer they are out in all their glory! In sandals, flip flops, open toe heels, sometimes just naked on a sandy beach.

I have gorgeous, cute feet and I absolutely love My feet to be Worshipped. Down on your knees, begging to put My toes into your mouth. Massaging them and just treating them like jewels!

I love to change My nail polish to keep them fresh. I like toe rings, anklets and just decorating them to make My perfect feet look adorable.

What is great with Foot Fetish, is it is easily mixed in with ‘vanilla life’. I can do some foot flirting, before W/we even start the Session. Or you can take Me for a drink while I tease you with some sexy sandals or heels out in public and no one knows that you are getting sooooo turned on!

Want Me to smother your face with My feet? Want to eat something sweet off them? Or maybe I will make you lick up My spit from between My little toes! 😉 I can wear all different types of footwear, whatever floats your boat!! Even if you like the filth side of things. Dirty shoes, trainers, sweaty socks? I am open to most requests!

Maybe I can push you further and make you eat My toe nails clippings, foot dust, the water from the bowl I have just soaked My feet in!!! It is endless the things I can do 😉

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Get booked in and get your mouth to good use! My feet are waiting!!!

Keep Kinky!

Mistress Luci x