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  • Dommeline now available

    DOMMELINE.   I have now joined Dommeline and you can call Me for a kinky chat! The specialities I will discuss are: https://www.mistressluci.co.uk/specialities/   To Call Me this is My number: (Click link) https://www.dommeline.co.uk/profil/manchester-mistress-luci-white/ Calls are £2 per minute!!! Please read T&C’s on the Site!   What are you waiting for??? 😉   Keep Kinky! […]

  • Interactive Bi Application

    I am looking for a reliable sub/kinkster to join in sessions with Myself, as part of interactive Bi, with My male clients. Male, Trans male, He/They. As long as you have the male genitalia I require, then all are welcome to apply! This will be in Manchester. This is NOT a chance for a free […]


    LOCKTOBER!   Get that cock, in a lock!!!!!! I am offering different packages for October!   Keyholding only – £40 per week, Tribute a week ahead. Keyholding and a text a day – £75 per week, Tribute a week ahead. Keyholding, a text a day and 1 10 minute video chat/phonecall/WhatsApp video call – £100 […]

  • Half hour sessions are BACK!!!!

    Half hour Taster sessions are BACK! Sometimes you just want a little escapism into the wonderful world of BDSM! Are new to the scene and want to dip your toe in? Do you want a quick fix in your lunch hour, some dinnertime debauchery? A strap on quickie or a spank and w*nk?   Only […]

  • F*rced/Encouraged bi……….;) – New Clients Welcome!

    Forced bi (uncountable) A sexual fetish in which a heterosexual person (usually a man) is forced to perform homosexual sex acts.   BDSM has many kinks and an outwardly heterosexual male, being humiliated into interacting with another male, is one of those!! These days, the judgement of sexuality is a lot less damming, and people […]

  • Holiday Availability……HO HO HO

    HoHoHo….. Have you been naughty or nice???…….. Will I be stuffing your ass like a Christmas Turkey? We will see!!! The only time off I am having is Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. All other days have My usual availability.   Tributes are listed below and contact info is here Click Link […]

  • ABDL- Available at the Domestic setting

    Are you an Adult baby/toddler? Maybe just into the feel of a crinkly diaper? I offer Sessions at My Domestic setting where various role-play’s can be done. This is an apartment so no cot is available, but a little bed made up for a ‘toddler’! I may be in the future, getting a cot built!! […]

  • Bereavement Leave……

    Unfortunately an immediate relative has died following a short terminal illness. Myself and My family are devastated and in shock. I need to take a week or so off to help sort arrangements. I will then be returning for limited sessions as I absolutely love the escape and distraction from life a session brings. Thank […]