Tickle Torment

Tickle Torment/Torture.


Who would think that something that makes you laugh could be so devilish?

Isn’t it strange that tickling can start soft with light laughter to intense with screaming laughter. Who laughs when they are being tortured, right? Well you do! As do I, as I laugh at you, and the power I hold at My fingertips!!! Mwahahaha (Evil laugh).

So you may think, ‘It’s OK, I will just run away’. Oh no you won’t! I have you tied down already, your arms and legs are spread to all four corners of My Bondage Bed! I have left a little ‘wiggle’ room as I love to watch you squirm while you scream with painful laughter!!! I may gag you just for the fun of it and take it off when I really go to town on you!!!

Maybe I invite another Mistress, or Three!!!

This is one of My favourite forms of torture and one that does bring out My most mischievous sadistic side.

So what are you waiting for??? Book in and maybe I will tickle you to Deat……………. 😉

Keep Kinky!

Mistress Luci x

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