Don’t be Catfished/Conned- Read for My Official Details

I am writing this Blog because I am getting a lot of correspondence over fake websites/dating profiles/Twitter/Instagram accounts, etc!

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!!

Using My images and creating profiles really annoys Me but it is the way of the world unfortunately.

To help here are My Official lines of communication and Advertising.

Official Website:
Official Phone Number: 07783 830 349
Official Email Addresses: AND
Official Twitter Accounts: @UkMsLuciWhite AND @MsLuciWClips
Offical Onlyfans: missluciwhite
Official iWantClips site: MistressLuciWhiteOfficial
Professional Mistress Account: Miss Luci White
CashApp: MsLuciWhite

I do not have a work Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or anything that isn’t listed above.

I never seek clients out, they come to Me. So if someone pretending to be Me messages you, it is a CATFISH. If someone with My images asks for money that has not been through one of My official lines of communication, IT IS A CATFISH!!!!!

I am not on the dating scene, or looking.

If you are unsure feel free to message Me. I will confirm the fake person and I appreciate if you would report it to help a future person out.

The responsibility to ensure your own financial and emotional safety lies with you. People will always try to con people but it is up to you not to let them.

Be vigilant!!

In the meantime if you wish to book for an Online or Real time session get in touch!!!

Keep Kinky!!

Mistress Luci x

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