Doubles with My vanilla friends!

I have done many sessions where one, two or six of My vanilla friends have joined in.


These friends are not into the scene, have ‘regular’ jobs but love to join sessions and spend an hour or 2 in My world!


The sessions We have done so far have included a mass humiliation session where 6 of My friends joined in and humiliated a little chubby guy and made him fu*k a blow up doll (at his request). It was hilarious and My friends had an absolute ball!


Another one was a CP session. One friend joined and had never used a cane before. After I showed her exactly where to hit and not to hit I handed her the cane. She has really good accuracy and she had a good time caning him. I wasn’t shure if she was going too hard but the guy loved it!! She just loves to inflict pain, mwahahaha!!!!!


One that I did was at My Domestic setting. The guy was into tights so we all had tights on and allowed him to worship Our legs and feet. Foot massages for all of Us and as he did so well we allowed him to fu*k a gateau (sploshing) to finish! Lucky boy!!


Fancy submitting to Myself and a friend or two? They have varied availability and I would need ideally a weeks’ notice to arrange.

The Tribute is an extra £125 per lady.


Get in touch


Keep Kinky!

Mistress Luci x

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