It’s all about the journey…

As he drove through the Manchester rush hour traffic, rain pelting on his windscreen, his thoughts were not on the road. He was not focused on the 8th set of red lights he was stopped at, or the fact some guy had just cut him up but on the destination of his journey.

He had done this trip once a month for the last year and though he always left plenty of time he dared not be late, the consequences would be dire. Not just physically, but to disappoint was something that got to him greatly.

Arriving, he parked in his usual spot. A little down the road so that while walking up, his already building anticipation grew, the butterflies would kick in and his hands would get a little clammy. Exactly like the first time.

Minutes later there he was, stood at the ominous metal door, hearing the click of the latch it slowly opened. Standing there with a wicked glint in her eye, and a knowing smile was a blonde lace clad beauty, his Mistress!! She took his hand, knowing the nerves were there and lead him into an atmospheric, red lit room. Shutting the door he knew that time did not exist. He had given himself to her and exhaled. This was the only place where he could truly escape and be himself.

As she slowly undressed him, taking off his shirt she stood behind him and lightly drew her nails down his back. Goosebumps rose and he felt a shudder through his body at her touch. She had magic in her fingers and he melted. Undoing his trousers she noticed a little frill poking above the belt, ‘What have we here?’ she said with a knowing look. They dropped to the floor to reveal bright red (Mistresses favourite colour) Lacey panties hiding a handsomely sized bulge. A very classy suspender belt held up a pair of soft, sheer black stockings. For as long as he could remember he had always had the urge to wear panties but until he had taken the leap to see a Mistress his secret had stayed in his mind. Mirroring him was his Mistress wearing the exact same set, a little gift that he had given Her his last visit that she loved.

Tying rope around his wrists she walked him to the cross, raising them up and securing him to ensure she had full access to his soft, round erect nipples. Looking deep into his eyes felt like she was reading into the depths of his soul. She reached for a small bottle of liquid, whispering into his ear ‘I want you to take your medicine, My good little sissy’ she placed it to him and he inhaled deeply, once, twice, three times. A warm feeling came over him and his mind went a little woozy. Standing closer to him, his Mistress still looking into his eyes she began squeezing his nipples, harder and harder, the pain rising, yet knowing that he was taking it for his Mistress seemed to act as a pain reliever. She gave him more ‘medicine’ and walked over picking up the the shiny metal clamps. The ones saved for only the most experience in nipple play. Slowly walking back, the effects of the liquid rushing through him his body shuddered. Stroking his face, and giving him a little wink she placed the clamps on first the left and then the right. The pain coursed through his body, he squealed in pain then taking a deep breath tried to compose himself. his Mistress laughed. She took great pleasure in his pain, but never took him further than he was ready for, She had built him up slowly over the months and his nipples had really ‘manned up!’
After administering more of the liquid she firmly held onto the implements of pain and tightly twisted them, never taking her eyes off of his. The pain was rushing through his body yet his mind was a whirlwind of adoration, adrenaline and ultimate submission! his nipples were truly being abused by his Mistress and once had got him to a new level she smiled. She slowly released the clamps praising him. His tender, pink, slightly swollen nipples almost breathed a sigh of relief…………………………….just then she gave them one final pinch!!!

Leaning up against him she reached up to release him. not for long though, as she pulled him over to the bondage bed. Lying him down she secured his hands either side, doing the same to his legs, she wanted him bound and totally helpless, not that he wasn’t already. Placing a blindfold on she whispered ‘Just relax’, then and covered up his ears leaving him in total sensory deprivation. The only images and sounds he could see and hear were in his mind, his whole entire was electrified.

Removing her glistening high heels, his Mistress mounted the bed. Having no idea that she was standing above him looking down at his helpless body, She gently and lightly stepped, feet either side of him, straddling almost, and leant down. She removed the earphones first, She could almost see him listening harder. Stroking his cheek, his face moving toward her hand she slowly pulled off the blindfold. He stared, taking a second or two to adapt to the light. Looking at her ankles, his eyes trailed up her toned, stocking ed legs. Her breasts covered in lace seemed to lord over him almost hiding her face above. Not for the first time since he had arrived his cock throbbed within his panties in a very different way to the throbbing in his nipples. Walking around him, teasing him with her body, she ran her feet across his chest, down towards the bulge inside the lace underwear. he had taken so much pain for her, now was it something a little more sensual?

She crouched down, and crawled up towards his face, staying very close. he wanted to touch her so much but he couldn’t move his arms. She touched his face, gave that cheeky smile and pulled the blindfold back down. With a combination of stroking, gentle vibration, he was lost in a whirl, She had intoxicated his mind. his head was spinning, the pulsing inside his panties increasing until he didn’t think he could hold it in any more. he begged his Mistress for permission…………….after what seemed like an eternity she whispered ‘you May’. Without even being touched he exploded with the most intense, amazing, release. his body shaking with the after effects, his heart racing and his breathing rapid he slowly tried to process everything. Once he had calmed a little his Mistress touched his cheek again and gently removed the blindfold, giving him some time to come back down to earth. Untying him she gave him a soft kiss on the lips, smiled and left the room.

As he dressed, he thought of how he had built himself up from the moment he woke that morning. The tension inside now gone, although he didn’t want to leave, he had the amazing memories. Hopefully these would help him through the time in between now and his next visit. Could he wait that long? As he stepped out into the real world, the rain had stopped and the sun was breaking through the clouds. he walked to his car, his legs still a little wobbly he smiled to himself, Today was a good day!!!

Manchester Mistress Lucy

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