Needle Play


I’ve always had a fascination with needles, but growing up it was just limited to me getting piercings. My ears, nose, belly button and even clit hood! But this was all being done to me and I wanted to be the one putting the needle through the skin and flesh. So as you can imagine the first time I did Needle Play I was very excited. It occurred in one of my early doubles with Princess Lucina, once we had decided on the area the advice PL gave me was ‘Don’t hesitate, be committed and push all the way through!’ So I did all the way through his nipple, I got such a rush I was grinning!! I did another then another, stopping at 6 and I remember thinking I like this!

The next few Needle Play sessions I stayed in the nipple area. Playing around with different patterns; inserting them just in a line, doing criss-crosses and also the wheel, which is my favourite, circling the tip of the nipple. To add to it I have used a vibrator on the ends of the needles and it really heightened the sensations. The nipples being already extremely sensitive it gave/gives a pleasure-pain experience. But nipples are only small………

SO where next? The balls of course!! A much greater area to fill with needles and play with. My slave was only too happy to oblige. Now the things to remember is to ensure you are only piercing the skin and not the actual sac as that can cause permanent damage, avoiding any large veins also. I had immense fun turning his balls into a porcupine and they looked so pretty! I wasn’t satisfied though, I needed to get stuck into his cock!

Working up his shaft (again avoiding any large veins), I criss-crossed my way working up towards the tip. I wanted to do a Crown of Thorns. Previously seeing this done in a session by another Mistress I was itching to do my own. Again my very willing slave, tied down and happy (well his bulge gave that impression), I started work on the head. Feeding the first needle through, the area was much tougher than nipples and balls so I had to be firm and push all the way no hesitation. First one done!! I continued with another 16 needles on the head criss-crossing in diagonal patterns up and down. I must say I was very proud of my achievement and my slaves bravery, he had done well (picture available on Twitter). I have done it again since and got to 19 needles, my aim is 25, it’s always good to aim higher 🙂

Now needles are not for everyone but there is so much further I can go with Needle Play and I want to, I just need slaves who enjoy it to play with. So many lovely patterns you can do on the skin and the one I am most interested in doing a needle corset, feeding ribbon in and across the needles into a nice bow at the end. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I have another Needle Play session and continue to improve on my skill 😉

Manchester Mistress Luci xxxxx

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