Sissy Manor- June Event 2018


I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write this.


Well what an absolutely amazing weekend I had at Sissy Manor at the beginning of June and what a fabulous setting We were housed in. Wild horses, sunny skies and fields that went on for miles!!!!


The journey

I set off on the Friday from busy Manchester and made the error of getting an interchanging train at Waterloo rather than the direct train. Not an issue, I quite like travelling, gives Me a chance to get some correspondence done. I am also very lucky to have My own porter based in London, he meets Me whenever I travel to the Capital and escorts Me to whatever destination I am going while there, stress free.


Meeting Me off the train he carried My luggage and guided Me to My next departing train. Stowing the cases away and ensuring I was in the right carriage I set of for My second leg of the journey South. Looking out of the window the scenery was gorgeous, the sun making it look even nicer. So happy the weather was behaving for Us, but it wouldn’t dare not too hehe. Arriving at the station in Hampshire, the host(ess) met Me and off to the Manor house We went. I was so in awe of the wild horses, and the respect drivers had for them. So much of Our country has been taken over by humans and animals put behind fences. I had a sense of freedom for both of Us.


Winding down the country lanes We slowed and pulled up to a big Country Manor, set in a lovely backdrop of flowering bushes and lush green trees. Entering in through the back door it lead onto this roomy kitchen, and hello yep, a glass of crisp white wine was waiting for Me. Just what the Mistress ordered. Ms Ree Ree, Mistress Wildfire and Lady Seductress were already here. After hugs were exchanged I took a sip of My wine and decided to go and explore. As with all Our events LS was head chef and was preparing for the weekend with the help of Ree Ree, so being the worst cook ever I left them to it ha.


Off from the kitchen to the left was a spacious bedroom with its own en suite. Turning right was the grand lounge and dinning room with a huge fire place, sooooo pretty. Patio doors led out onto the patio with a secluded garden area to the left and a larger garden to the right. That had a gate that opened onto a huge field with those lovely free range horses. Upstairs were 4 more large bedrooms and a nice clean bathroom. We were set here, there was plenty of room for us to all have lots and lots of naughty, kinky fun!!!


Ms Ava Von Medisin and Lady Sara Borgia arrived with Their sissies in toe and once We had put Our things in Our rooms We headed to the local eatery to get Dinner, drinks and get to know each other better. Princess Jessika was last to arrive and met Us there. Lots of laughs were had whilst We discussed the events that were going to be happen over the next 48 hours and more plans made. A couple of drinks back at the Manor and My bed was calling.


Day One

Up early on Saturday We were all preparing for Our sissies arrival! Our resident photographer was there ensuring not one part of the event was missed. The dresses were up on the rails, shoes and boots out. Wigs ready and the make up all laid out waiting to transform all Our sissies into gorgeous girlies. One by one We stripped the male form away and created beautiful individual sissies. Each girly so special and unique in their own way. It is wonderful to watch the stress wash away as the outside world disappears and the only thing that matters is what is happening now. Once We had Our sissies all ready the fun began!! Everyone introduced themselves and the things they like and some they didn’t. We operate within everyone’s boundaries and just because you may not want to do a certain activity doesn’t mean there isn’t others you will love.


We headed outside as the sun was shining and had some fun and games. Over the knee spanking was a particular fave seeing all those frilly bottoms bent over. As all good sissies know, making sure Mistresses are well refreshed is important, so champers and G&T’s were kept topped up. Maid training isn’t usually a problem as you girlies are very well behaved. That said it is always fun to dish out a little punishment. Well what else do We do with Our crops and whips?


An afternoon of fun was coming to a close and the smell from the kitchen was delightful. After a few more photos taken, each sissy getting the chance to pose for some solo shots, dinner was served. Once done, some of the sissies cleared up while the others brought Us an after dinner drink. We relaxed, talked and the sissies joined in on the conversation. The day wasn’t over though, We had more planned for the evening!


The evening events involved strap ons, electrics, crops and canes, forfeits and much more. Hours passed and some sissies shared their first kiss, first suck and first pegging. Check out the pictures if your imagination needs some help. It was a group event and not one Mistress or sissy held back. As the sun set, and the night drew in, it was time for bed. Another busy day to be had tomorrow. We set out the pink sleeping bags in the lounge area for the slumber party. Cute princess pillows for Our prissy sissies heads and a popcorn machine for those who wanted a midnight snack. I said My goodnight to each sissy and head off to bed with a smile on My face. Today had been a good day and another to be had.


Day Two

After a little lie in I wandered downstairs where breakfast was been prepared by some sissy maids. There’s nothing nicer on a Sunday morning but chilling with a nice brew and some toast. An English breakfast had been made for those who wanted it. Such a nice, relaxed environment that morning. Not for long!!! Today was the sissy Olympics!!!


Today’s fun was going to be outside as again the sun was cracking the flags. It made Me chuckle to think people were driving past this gorgeous country house, no clue as to what was happening on the other side of the bushes. It is surreal but Y/you totally get lost in the moment.


Dress Up

As most of you know I love to dress up, so it was no surprise I had ordered a referee costume for today. I love to get totally submerged into every event and ensure everyone has fun. The pool was being filled in the secluded garden area, the specially made SISSY MANOR stocks were in place, the limbo post was up. All the Mistresses were out ready to put these sissies to the test. Games such who was the best mincer, who could walk like a lady the best, who could keep the most custard in their plastic pants and who could get the lowest on the limbo kept Us Mistresses in hysterics. The losers got time in the stocks, pies to the face and gunge poured over them in the very cold pool. Let’s just say the sissies clities were shrunk, haha. In between the games a BBQ was had, the smell for Me just means it’s summer. With vino, G&T’s on tap and the entertainment provided by the sissies I didn’t want the weekend to end.


Alas it did. I always have a little sad feeling when the make-up is coming off and the everyday clothes are put on. Big hugs all round I embarked on My long journey home with a huge smile on My face.  What I love about Sissy Manor is it is a safe place where people can be themselves. No hiding in closets, or that spare afternoon when they have the house to themselves. There is no judgement or negativity it is just a lovely environment with Mistresses from all over the country meeting to make this happen. Looking at all the pictures from this and past events you can see how different Us Mistresses are but Our common link is Sissy Manor and making sure you all have the best time possible. We come together to bring out that little sparkle inside of you and let you shine.


If you have not yet attended an event, are a little nervous perhaps, don’t be. Get in touch with Sissy Manor and if you have any enquires, ask away. Confidentiality is Our priority and if you don’t want to feature in any pictures or want your face blurred out just let Us know.


Our next event is in August for a sissy sleepover and I cannot wait!!!




Mistress Luci xxx

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