Testimonial from Piggie


A friend wrote a note. To have a break from the norm

A taste of something new

and gave me a name

Mistress Luci

I read her Bio @mistressluciwhite

and took the plunge

And excitedly waited for the day of my visit

Yes I was nervous

A 57 year old , not in the best shape

But, There should be no upper age

limits on your sexual erotic life

A lovely welcome soon relaxed me

as we had a chat ,

I realized I wanted to learn

and was new to this

She took me into her chamber of delights

I was fascinated by the exotic things

on show

instructed to undress, by Luci

I was hooked

asked if I found anything of interest

I said I liked the hoods and masks

Spanking bench. ooo

all the types of Dildo made me blush,

My eyes taken by her svelte athletic body

I stared at her looking so fit in

her leather suit and long Legs, and

Black Stiletto heels

Which I was told to kiss

of course, I lapped up all her commands

her Calm “commanding instructions”

firm yet sensually delivered

I worked within her boundaries,

when i hesitated she repeated

her demand

I was slow; Mistress told me to bend

over and she spanked me hard

You will submit to her

And take the punishment and pleasure


I was guided how to respond in the way

she required,

this way, I gave over control to my new

(and now permanent)

Mistress Luci

I submitted for the first time

in my long life, at last

I had found my “kink”

and I felt any pressure slip away

I began to live in the moment,

to relax and enjoy the delights on offer

Friendly but firmly I was in her hands,

I was now in that “space in time, ”

her property,

A mutual exchange of power

In which I was well rewarded

She was patient and edgy,

sensual and occasionally strict

( and I must say, I loved that )

I got so turned on when she spanked me

I asked for more and more.

I must be/am turning a bit slutty and submissive lol

I was invited to feel her arms.

so soft

milky creamy skin

Petite and sexy body

Perfect to drool over

Firm sexy. and dominant

also instructive.

I was walking on air

And so turned on by the blending of

pleasure and pain,

I now want to follow this new path ,

and take delight in the secrets Luci

will (I hope) later reveal to me

But. On One visit,

I’m only just

scratching the surface,

I’ll write next time of my second

visit, when I want to take

my pleasure in more

kinky directions

You Only Live Once


Go, i recommend it, have a great time !

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