Booking a session with Me


Hello darlings.


I am The Northern Lass with Class based at the Stockport Dungeon. My availability Tuesdays to Saturdays 11am to 9pm most weeks. Operating on a pre-booking system, I am sometimes available on the day. Dependant on availability and My plans. A deposit is required at least 24 hours before the booked session and payable either by bank transfer or Amazon gift voucher. The deposit will then be taken off the tribute on the day. Sunday’s are My personal day but I can do the odd Sunday day time as long as they have been booked at least 1 week ahead with deposit. Monday I volunteer most of the day. For evening sessions, after 6pm ideally I need 48+ hours as this needs a little arranging.



The Dungeon is located 5.5 miles from Manchester City Centre and is accessible via public or private transport links. If you are driving it is 1 mile off junction 27 of the M60, travelling via train We are a 7 minute taxi ride from Stockport station. If you are getting the bus, there is a stop just at the end of the road, a 2 minute walk.


How to contact Me

I prefer to be contacted via email or text as can get quite busy. I am happy to schedule a phone call if you prefer chatting on the phone. It is best to book in a time via text or email for when W/we are both free. That gives U/us a chance to have a chat when I am not in a rush and can discuss things properly.

I welcome questions and the more info you give Me the better as W/we need to be on the same page to be able to get in the zone with each other. That said I will only discuss so much, before I require a deposit. Unfortunately there are men out there who try to see how much ‘free’ time they can get before the Mistress asks for a deposit. Once a deposit is received I am more than happy to give out a brief session plan.


On the day of the Session

On the day of the session I will need you to confirm by 9am that all is still ok. Confirmation via text or email only as I am not a morning person ha.  This is so I know what I am doing for the day and so I can let the Dungeon know also. If you are new and I have only given you the post code I will then send the full address. Once you arrive text to let Me know and once ready I will send a text with instructions of where to go to reach Our own private entrance. If driving there is a free car park at the back of the building. Don’t park near the gates as big Lorries use the entrances and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to your vehicle.


When you arrive you will find a nice smile and warm hug, no matter what type of session W/we have planned a friendly greeting is important to Me. I will lead you to the session room where I will offer you some water and pop to the loo if needed. you will never bump into another client, it is very important to us at Stockport Dungeon that full discretion is carried out at all times. you may meet another Mistress but no one will come into the session room once started, unless a Mistress needs some equipment and She will always knock first. Both session rooms have private showers so there is no need for embarrassment, unless you like that sort of thing, wink wink.



I prefer the tribute to be in an envelope but if you don’t have one available I won’t shout…………maybe. I do not expect a gift but should you wish to treat Me I have a treat Me wishlist and a Fetish wishlist both on Amazon. They can give you ideas on the things I like. I love Champagne and flowers so you can never go wrong there!! I also love glittery sparkly things, especially glittery footwear/heels.


The Session

I am not a clock watcher and do not have you in and out within the hour. If you wish to have a quick shower before the session then let Me know prior to the session so I can allow time for it. The only rush would ever be if the room is required afterwards. After the session you can shower while I make us a cuppa and then have a little chat and get to know each other better. If you are in a rush or have to be somewhere after the session again let Me know beforehand so I don’t run over and make you late.


There are many aspects of BDSM I enjoy especially Sensory Deprivation, Needleplay, Sissification, ABDL and Financial Domination. For the A-Z of My specialities check out My website page. My hard limit though is Scat. At this moment in time it is not something I offer. If I ever did consider it though it would be with a client I have seen many times before. Some see it as the ultimate submission, if that is true then it would need to be with someone who has already submitted to Me in many other ways.


Post Session

After the session if you would like to give Me feedback, things you liked things maybe you didn’t like so much, please email Me. To build a Dom/sub relationship and build trust W/we need to be honest with each other. It doesn’t make Me any less dominant by hearing your thoughts.


Domestic Setting

If you don’t like a Dungeon setting, or you are new and want a soft introduction I do have a domestic setting I use. It is in Manchester City Centre, not far from the MEN. I have access there on Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat. Again deposit is required and the same confirmation time in the morning.


If you are into maid duties I have a special Tribute for those who want to be trained. I am firm but fair, I will ensure you become the perfect House maid!!!


Online/Phone Sessions

Are you too far away for a Real Time session? No worries I offer webcam domination via Skype. This must be pre-booked with at least 24 hour notice. A deposit is required and the rest can be paid just before the session. I don’t randomly chat on Skype or take random calls. From March I will start using Adultwork for camming either based in the Dungeon or at home.



If you have a fetish for certain outfits or would like Me to dress a certain way, especially important in Role play, then I encourage your thoughts. I love wearing high heels and boots. Being a pocket rocket I like the height, but do wear Doc Martins and Wellies on request. you may not get what you want but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Please do be respectful though, I am a lady!



I have just purchased a camera as I am finally getting into the world of clips for sale!!! If you would like a clip of O/our session, hoods can be provided. If I can use the clip on My Onlyfans then there will be no tribute charged, if it is for your own use then I will require an additional tribute, to be discussed before the session.


Join Me

Interested in meeting Me? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Sessions can be booked weeks in advance. My email is My number is 07783830349. For tribute amounts click here. Keep up to date with what I am up to on Twitter @MistressLuciW or Insta mistressluciw.  Want to ask a question? Check out My new Curiouscat page, this have replaced My previous FAQ page.


Speak soon


Love Mistress Luci White xxx

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