Sissy Manor the March Event 2018


I cannot believe Sissy Manor was just over a week ago!!! I also cannot believe this time last week we were battling the snow, ice and Siberian winds either. The weather scuppered My plans a little, but Cinderella made the ball ha.


So the original plan was for Myself, Mistress Sakura and Mistress Rabbit to go to Sissy Manor the night before. I like to do that as I get to see My darling Ms Haven, the lovely charlotte and put Our feet up with some bubbles and discuss the fun plans for the next day. Unfortunately this did not happen, though We did try!!! Mistress Rabbit arrived at My house parking down the end of the road as the snow was too deep, I had managed to dig My car out with help from My neighbour and parked down the road ready to leave. On route We picked up the rather frozen Mistress Sakura from the tram stop. All in the car, Sat Nav programmed, We set off in good daylight time. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be driving in the dark. The M62 was shut and the road over the Moors was also shut. That left 2 other possible routes. Slow and steady wins the race; that is if total idiots didn’t drive like it was a summer’s day and crash. Well those idiots were out in force and the road ended up with a huge traffic jam and no telling for how long. Turning around I was going to use the other available B road route and guess what? Yep idiots alert, another crash. I turned to the Waze app and there was one other possible route, following that I started the de-tour. By this time I had passed My house 3 times lol. About a mile in the de-tour coming to a wall of snow I decided enough was enough. I wasn’t about to crash and freeze to death, not without My full make-up on (joke). After 2 hours of driving and not getting very far We headed back to mine. Having a chat with the very understanding Ms Haven We had a plan for the morning, Our ‘knightess’ in shining armour (charlotte) was going to collect us in the morning, phew. Now where is that wine?????


The night I was having wasn’t the planned one, but the wine flowed and so did the conversation between Myself, Mistress Sakura and Mistress Rabbit. It got rather loud and raucous at times as We discussed the next day, Twitter, Websites, how work was going and Our personal lives. We had fun. All I can say is I slept well after a rather tiring day. In My fluffy PJ’s and teddy in arms I went to bed.


Early to bed, early to rise-ish. 10am was Our pick up time and We had to get everything from My car out, ready to go into charlotte’s. On time after dragging Mistress Sakura away from the mirror doing her make-up (She looked fabulous) W/we were on O/our way!! I was so excited, if it was going to be anything like the December event then it was going to be amazing!!! Putting on My make-up in the car I did the majority of it but decided to leave the liquid eye liner until I got there. Black lines sprawled across My face was not the look I was going for, not this time. I felt so much better with charlotte driving, her 4×4 gripped the road firmly. The journey was actually nice, the roads were clearer from snow, it wasn’t as busy with traffic and the hills looked so pretty and white. After just over an hour W/we arrived, and OMG the house was beautiful inside and out! Greeted by Ms Haven with a big hug, I suddenly felt relieved, We made it!!! Time to go and get ready via giving a hug to Princess Jessika who was Her usual happy self.


The house was beautiful, a nicely decorated farmhouse. Double breasted front, it was like a chocolate box house. The upstairs was just as nice with 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Shame We hadn’t managed to stay the night before. Finishing My make-up and getting dressed I donned My pink Bunny costume. As it is March I was thinking Easter theme, erm with snow? The weather scuppered the plans We had for the Easter Egg hunt but that wasn’t going to stop U/us having just as much fun and games soon. Next arrived Mistress Laura and finally Mistress Brook, whoop We all got there!!!!!


All ready, every Lady looked fabulous, We couldn’t wait to get Our hands on Our sissies and get them looking EXTREME.


Glass of bubbles in hand, thanks to sweetie charlotte, I was ready to get some transformations on the go. I get an absolute buzz by stripping off the shackles that are ‘man clothes’ and creating a form of art, with the help of make-up and a sissy wardrobe. Slowly Our sissies were being born, lots of sparkly, glittery make-up on the go. Next was the outfit of choice, wig, stockings and heels. Everywhere you looked, you could see either a gorgeous Mistress or a very pretty sissy. Images that must be captured, and they were. The talented bobette who not only was running the kitchen with charlotte but also making sure the whole day was getting photographed was making sure not a scene was to be missed.


Before We really got started We thought it best to have sissie introductions. One by one they came in and introduced themselves. They spoke of the things like liked, and some things, not so much. This is important to us as it means boundaries are respected, and no mishaps may happen. Unless a Mistress feels like a bit of mischief, wink wink.


The games were in hand and yes that included of course, sissy Twister and the devilish wheel of misfortune, a particular favourite of mine. A sea of sissy bottoms up, legs all entwined with each other, who was first for the forfeit? The first of many as it happened!! I love sissy Twister, it is made so much harder as there are huge frills and heels to negotiate on the board. Twister done, the Mistresses were ready with their strap on’s to bend some sissies over. In such a compromising position it seemed only right that a bit of forced bi should take place. Well I tell you there wasn’t much ‘force’ needed, before long a 69er was taking place and it was an orgy of frills, bottoms and laughter. Phew, as much fun as I was having, did I hear time for tea???


Games halted, We went into the dining area and it was so cute!!! The plates all laid out nice, bubbles poured, tea pot and china cups, sandwiches, cakes; the kitchen sissies out did themselves. The cherry on top for Me was My Quorn sausage sandwich with ketchup, yeyyyyyyyyyyy. I am so fussy yet they didn’t leave Me out. That wasn’t the best surprise though. A little birdie had told Me that the week before was Ms Haven’s birthday. As She works so hard preparing, planning and organising every Sissy Manor event, I wanted to make it a little special and let Her know W/we hadn’t forgotten. Candles placed and lit I walked in with a big chocolate cake and W/we all sang Happy Birthday. Ms Haven was quite shy though I did detect a little smile.


W/we were full and bubbled up, so what could be next? Individual and group Photo shoot of course!!!! The big windows were great back drops for pictures, the window frame literally framing the picture. Everyone got a chance for pictures and discretion being the key at Sissy Manor, anyone who didn’t want their face shown was noted down to be blurred in the editing. Being brave, W/we even ventured outside!!! Well to the front door step and the stone patio outside the back, ha. The pics though, wow. Some fantastic shots from bobette, everyone looked fabulous and it just captured how at ease W/we all were with each other and how much fun W/we were having.


Our strap on’s weren’t satisfied though, so some more fun needed to be had. Spanking, flogging, whipping, pegging, every sissy was attended to, wink. There was lots of laughter, lots of horny fun and lots of naughtiness. Everyone’s face beamed. Time sadly was flying by and the day was coming to an end (sad face). I couldn’t stay that night to relax with the peeps who were staying for Dinner but I was on a high on the drive home!!!


Once home I sat down in My chair, smiling and exhausted in a good way.


To Ms Haven, The Mistresses and Our fabulous sissies, another great Event, WELL DONE!


It was lovely to see sexy Ms Haven, Princess Jessika, Mistress Sakura and Mistress Rabbit again. It was also great to meet the gorgeous Miss Brook and Miss Laura Coats, I look forward to seeing all the Ladies at future Events.


Kisses to the sissies Mwah


Mistress Luci White xxx


Next Event: June 2nd & 3rd 2018

Location: Hampshire

For details check out Sissy Manor’s website:

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