Chastity Control- *** COVID-19 UPDATE ***


Chastity Control by Manchester Mistress Luci

*** COVID-19 UPDATE ***

I do not take on new Chastity slaves easily! you must prove worthy in the initial emails to Myself.

I usually start Chastity control with a new client by having a real time session. This is so I can ensure the cage fits and they are mentally up for the challenge. Also I like to laugh wickedly as I lock you up! Mwahaha. Due to the restrictions and health and safety, I am no longer offering Real Time sessions so I will be tweaking how My form of Chastity begins.

  1. you must provide your own chastity device, I can send links.
  2. you must sign the Contract I email you.
  3. you must be honest, Chastity needs honesty.
  4. If you agree to be in Chastity by Me, then respect means you should not contact other Mistresses regarding Chastity, whilst in the time of the contract.
  5. An early release fee will be set and agreed in the Contract. If you wish to be released from Chastity or end the Contract it must be paid. (I can only trust you will honour that!).
  6. Chastity Tribute must be paid a week ahead on a day agreed by Myself.
  7. Updates on how you are doing will be required vie either text/email/WhatsApp, and picture proof may be insisted.

Interested? Email for details.

Manchester Mistress Luci xxx

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