Onlyfans new Terms and Conditions

Heyyyyyyyy, I hope you are well and looking forward to, fingers crossed, life getting back to some sort of normal!!


So this is just a quick one, Onlyfans have changed their Terms and Conditions. One of those is in relation to having anyone else in pictures or videos. They now require that that person is either an OF content creator, or have signed a consent form and you have a photocopy or their ID.


I whole heartedly support this as it is to protect consent, the downside is that I have had to delete 100’s of pictures and videos. Some are temporarily deleted while I wait for the documents, some permanently as they were session snippets where consent was given but they wanted to stay anonymous. GUTTED!!!!!


While I build things back up I am putting My subscription price down, as I think that is only fair.

Please like as many posts as it really helps boost My profile!!

I encourage you to message with clip ideas, and Custom clips are available also!!


Keep it Kinky


Mistress Luci White x

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