Fantasy Abduction and Interrogation


Ever had a fantasy where you are taken without choice, to a remote location by a beautiful woman, maybe two?!! Interrogated to confess all your deepest, darkest and perverse secrets??? Let’s explore………………

  • you have broken down, your phone is on 1% plus you have no signal! you flag down a passing car, two females phew. After asking for help they say they will drive you to the nearest garage. The signal is rubbish around here and there’s a pay phone there.

you don’t make it to the garage.

  • After having an argument with a friend you storm off. 20 minutes or so later you have calmed down and realise you have no clue where you are. your phone is in his car so have no way to get in touch with him! It is getting dark but ahead you see some lights, a house you think. Yes it is, walking down the drive you reflect on the silliness of the argument. Let’s hope you can both make it back in time for last orders at the pub. Knocking on the door a pretty Female answers with a smile. After explaining your situation she invites you in to use the landline.

That phone call is never made.

  • Having had the worst possible meeting in London you can not wait to get home and put your feet up! There’s a cold bottle of beer in the fridge with your name on it!! All that is stopping you is the train journey and then taxi ride from the station. A couple of hours later you arrive at the platform, it is dark. Having booked the taxi through your UBER app you relax and walk to the taxi point. A little less stressed you spot an UBER, you forget the Reg but remember the driver was Lou. Getting in you note A female driver, you suppose Lou could be short for Louise. Shutting the door you are startled as a second female launches at you with a rag over your face, you pass out.

That cold beer stays in the fridge.



No matter how you end up in the abandoned basement, you are here. Naked and exposed, tied by your arms and legs to a chair in the middle of the room. The unpainted brick and your bare feet on the concrete gives you little warmth. Hazy and not completely sure how you got here. you remember there being one or two women close to you before it all went dark. Something is in your mouth, it’s not fabric but it’s gagging you. Trying to scream little noise escapes. Stopping, you try to listen, but it is muffled. Has something been put over your ears? There are flashes of light almost like car headlights, is this an underground car park? With little more time to wonder, there before you, stand two figures. Both dressed in thigh high boots, PVC/Latex outfits and both donning wickedly menacing grins.


Have you ever been so scared, yet turned on at the same time? It is a very strange feeling. The rope so tight you have little movement. Both Dommes circling you like birds of prey, what will they do to you? Have you ever had electric pulses through your cock and balls, increasing and decreasing depending on a twist of a dial? Or your nipples pinched, pulled and bitten making you squeal with each touch. How about weights stretching those of balls of yours down, the rope squeezing tighter and tighter the lower they dangle making them a thousand times more sensitive; a flick of a finger or slight tap of a heel making you scream in pain, but you are still turned on??? How can this be??? Why???? For Their amusement??

As they both continue to ‘play’ with you you feel a tightening around your neck, ear plugs removed and a bag over your head. This restricting your breathing you fight the urge to inhale quickly and try to calm yourself, slowly taking in the oxygen your body relaxes and with whispers and questions aimed at you, you find yourself wanting to confess all your hidden kinks and desires that you have never told anyone before…………

Do I need to continue or has your imagination already ran away with itself??


Well for those kinky boys out there who would love to try some Kidnap roleplay. Myself and another Mistress of your choice are more than eager to oblige. Email Me at for details.

Deposit is non negotiable.

Mistress Luci xxx