Sissy Manor Christmas Extravaganza

Wow wow wow I am still buzzing after the fabulous Sissy Manor weekend!!!!! So where to start?

I had the invitation to the December Christmas themed Event from Mistress Haven a couple of months ago. I was like ‘Hell yeah!’. I had heard a little about Sissy Manor but immediately it was on My radar. I went through the past Event on the Twitter page and also Sissy Manor’s website and got majorly excited. The build up on Twitter will show you that!

My journey started on Friday afternoon where lovely sissy charlotte picked Me up in her souped up Mitsbishi. Suitcase in, W/we were off to pick up Princess Jessika. I was kept amused during this part of the, at some points, ‘very fast’ journey by Mistress Haven and Princess Jessika’s banter on Whatsapp voice chat winding charlotte up. This worked fantastically, the funniest part for Me though was when Mistress Haven requested some Paxo stuffing on behalf of Mistress Absolute, even the Turkey was in for a good time this weekend!!!!! Hahahahaha.

Princess Jessika on board, our destination was Sissy Manor, this time in The Cotswalds, via a supermarket (stuffing). I have met Princess Jessika once before and She is lovely and so much fun. We really enjoyed winding up charlotte whilst she drove, getting her all flustered and teasing her knowing her little clitty was all locked up. Emergency pee stop needed as I half way through My daily 2ltr water intake, so W/we all used this opportunity to pee. Once back in the car charlotte confessed to a near embarrasment. That embarrasment was the fact she forgot she was caged and stood up to the unrinal, only once she put her hand to her crotch and feeling the metal she quickly scurried to the cubical. Princess Jessika and I couldn’t stop laughing and then with hindsight kicked Ourselves. We should have made it a rule she couldn’t use the cubical……next time!! Nearing Sissy Manor the little villages W/we were driving through were so pretty! I have never been to this part of the country and being Christmas time they looked so much prettier with all the lights and trees up. We stopped at a very posh supermarket that We don’t get ‘up north’. Inside they had little trolleys for children. Princess Jessika and I were so tempted to get charlotte to push it around but We were in a rush. Once stuffing and other bits were purchased W/we were back on the last leg of O/our journey.

After just over 5 hours drive W/we were finally here and oh My gosh the Manor was gorgeous!!! Greeted by Mistress Haven and Mistress Lila, who I had not met before but were so welcoming. They offered U/us a glass of wine and gave U/us the grand tour, then showed us to Our bedrooms. I sat on My bed and was nearly swallowed up by it, soooooo comfortable. The Manor had been decorated for Christmas at Our request and it just looked beautiful. We unpacked and then got ready as a table was booked at a local eatery so that all the Mistresses could get to know eachother properly. charlotte was joining Us for food then driving home. Just before we were due to leave Mistress Absolute and Lady Seductress arrived after a rather stressful journey in rush hour traffic. Introductions and hugs were exchanged and We agreed were all ready for an alcoholic drink!

We were dropped off at a gorgeous posh establishment, the decor was as nice inside as it was outside. As We put O/our food order in Mistress Absolute had to educate the kitchen on the incorrect pitch of the new Vegan/Vegetarian menu. As you can imagine the chef quickly made notes. The drinks flowed and We excitedly discussed and planned for the antics for the next day. Our sissies were in for a treat!!! Even though We tried to keep Our voices down, no doubt the patrons closest to Us will have overheard a thing or three. Afterwards We decided to get a fairly early night, We had a busy day to come and wanted to be on top form.

I woke up in My room after a very comfortable nights sleep and headed downstairs. Lady Seductress and Mistress Absolute were up and had already started preparing for the Christmas dinner W/we were to have that evening. From start to finish these two were a double act. It was like a kinky version of the Morcombe and Wise breakfast sketch. I made sure I took many pictures and kept Twitter fans updated on these Christmas Cooking Mitresses. There is definately a Channel 4 programme here somewhere. Watching Lady Seductress stuff George the Turkey reminded Me of many a session I have done and I think some where out there is a slave who would pay good money to view this in person. Lady Seductress is a Very good stuffer, haha.

I went and got ready in My first of 3 outfits for the day. My pink and black PVC dress from Honour which at the moment is My favourite, and My pink glittery shoes. For anyone who knows Me knows I just LOVE glitter and sparkly things. The lovely Nanny Betty arrived with Her two sissies around 10am. Luckily one of them was a hairdresser so I didn’t have to worry about straightening My hair. The first of the sissies arrived around lunchtime, ridding them of their boring everyday attire We started by turning their male features into stunning ladies. With Our make-up skills, the transformations were beginning. Once ‘made up’ We chose fabulous pink outfits, lovely heels, stockings and wigs. As quoted by Mistress Absolute in Her interview about seeing the sea of pink, ‘It was like a unicorn had farted!’ Her sissy looked fabulous in her red maids outfit and what wonderful sight the room was! Once We had all the sissies ready it was time for the games to begin.

Starting with twisted Twister, Princess Jessika took control of the spinner and I was in charge of the wheel of misfortune. If the spinner landed on purple, one of Our sissies was in for some pain……….. or pleasure if she was lucky! It was so funny watching the sissies intertwined with eachother, at one point there was just a load of sissy bottoms in the air. On the wheel of misfortune We had 20 OTK spanks, Ass punishment, Corner time 10 mins, Cock kissing, 10 Paddles, CBT, Human footrest and French kissing a sissy. Nanny Betty was on hand for the OTK spanking, ass punishment was dished out by Princess Jessika and I and Mistress Haven and Mistress Lila doled out the CBT. One of Our sissies came along with her partner ReeRee, She enjoyed using a sissy to rest Her feet on whilst relaxing with a glass of vino. There was no arguing when it came to Cock kissing and French kissing I can tell you!

After Twister was time for some group punishment, with the use of paddles, floggers and and a vicious tail whip provided by Mistress Haven and Mistress Absolute, Us Mistresses had a lot of fun!!! Suitably punished it was time for a little fun for the sissies. Strap Ons on, We ready to use Our girlies and get them involved in some forced bi. Again there was no arguing here. I enjoyed taking one of Our sissies virginity and tagged out for Princess Jessika to continue. Our sissies were right little sluts for Us and really made Us proud. During all this frivolity Mistress Absolute and Lady Seductress were working hard in the kitchen on the Christmas Dinner and even prepared Afternoon Tea in between, helped by a couple of the girlies. That didn’t stop either of Them popping in from time to time though, joining in on the fun. Whilst all this was going on Becky, of Pain Palace and Secret 102 Radio, arrived. It was great to see Her again. She had decided to get the scoop on this Event and during the afternoon interviewed all the Mistresses and some of the sissies.

Break time came and so did the Afternoon Tea. Cakes, sandwiches, hot drinks and prosecco was presented on the large dining room table. It was really nice to see all the sissies chatting, relaxed and laughing. It was a welcome break for My feet also and I was treated to a lovely foot massage from one of the girlies. Once everyone had finsihed it was present time. This was also My que to get into My second outfit of the day, Mrs Christmas!!! With My fluffy trim and long red gloves I completed the look with glittery platform heels. Each of the Mistresses and sissies had brought a Secret Santa present. They were put under either the Mistress Christmas tree or the sissy Christmas tree. As I was dressed up it was decided that I was to give the presents out and I gladly accepted. I love Secret Santa and it was funny watching each open the present wondering if it was going to be rude or not. Obviously I couldn’t miss an opportunity to gift something naughty so My presents were bought from Ann Summers. My present was a lovely toiletry bag and a bottle of Chance perfume, thank you Secret present giver! All Secret Santa’s given, this was unfortunately the time that some of the sissies had to leave. It was a little sad de-sissifying them and putting on their ‘normal’ clothes, but W/we had had so much fun.

For the sissies that were staying for the Christmas Dinner it was a time to relax; after making sure all the Mistresses had a glass of wine of course. Final touches were being done to the Dinner. The basting of George, veg boiling and Lady Seductress protecting her roast potatoes from the threats of Mistress Absolute. Throughout the day the banter between the two Mistresses in the kitchen could be heard by all . They were hilarious. The rest of U/us sat and chatted, whilst classical music was being played in the background on the piano, by one of Our very talented sissies.

Once Dinner was ready the sissies all helped setting the table and bringing it all through. I nipped upstairs for My final outfit change into a LBD. How Mistress Absolute and Lady Seductress managed to create a delicious vegan/vegetarian and meat Christmas Dinner, in a kitchen with missing utensils, limited pots and a small oven that only heated up on one side is beyond Me. They both did Amazing and well done to the sissies that helped them.

We were all suitably as stuffed as George had been by the end of meal and a little tipsy. Sitting around the living room table W/we rested in front of the well lit fire and chatted. Some sissies had already changed into their own clothes, some were still dressed up. W/we talked about many things, how W/we first got into the scene, things W/we really enjoyed and some things W/we didn’t, it was great how comfortable everyone was with eachother. The day was closing to an end, so the sissies who were still dressed up got changed. It was a come down after such a fun day but I couldn’t stop smiling. Hugs given to all who were leaving the front door was closed.

The whole day was captured by resident photographer Richie Oddsocks. My favourite picture being the group one, seeing all the Mistresses and sissies together summed up well how much fun W/we had. He has taken some amazing ones of Myself especially dressed in My Mrs Claus outfit so much so I had to use one as My Twitter profile. As he had been so good, I indulged in his love of opera gloves and choose a pair for him to take a picture. Hopefully I will be put on his wall of fame with the other Ladies he has photographed.

Mistress Haven, Mistress Lila, Lady Seductress and I were left. We sat and chatted for a while, celebrating what a success the Event had been. Already positive comments were on Twitter and it was a huge high. Tired We decided to tackle the remainder of the kitchen cleaning in the morning. I got into My pjs, brushed My teeth and slid into My bed, sinking into the mattress and I was out like a light.

An early morning start We finished off the washing, tidied up and made sure not one dildo or trace of the debaurchery was left. You would never have known W/we were here. All 4 of us loaded the van and then squashed into the front seat, while Mistress Haven drove Lady Seductress and I to the train station. If We weren’t close after the weekend We had just had, We certainly were after the drive, Ha. Saying Our goodbyes Mistress Haven and Mistress Lila drove back to their homes. Lady Seductress was London bound and I was back up to Manchester. I changed at Oxford and the station was packed. There had been cancellations so the quiet Sunday journey home was looking very different. On the train I managed to get a seat so I didn’t care how packed it was. I had a nice chat with the lady sat next to Me. She spoke about her weekend with her boyfriend, I deviated slighlty from the truth and spoke about the early Christmas party I had had with My friends. It wasn’t really a lie, I had made some good friends, I just didn’t divulge all the details and antics. Arriving home after what felt longer than a week, I popped My suitcase in, put the kettle on and sat down. Phew.

I am still buzzing a week later. I listened to Secret Radio 102 on Thursday night to the Sissy Manor special and loved all the Mistresses and sissies interviews. I was part way through typing this blog so I really was reliving it again. I can not wait for the next Sissy Manor Event in March 2018 in Yorkshire. It will be great to see some of the Mistresses from this event and to meet a couple of new ladies. It will be great also to see some of the sissies returning, and to welcome new girlies.

As I said in My interview to Secret 102 Radio, I whole heartedly recommend Sissy Manor as a safe and fun place for sissies to open up and explore their kinks and desires. I also recommend it to Mistresses who offer sissy sessions or who would like to experience what it is like to do so. To transform a male into a sissy is quite a rush, I love seeing the change in the person and their true sissy personality burst through.

Thank you for reading

Mistress Luci xxx

Resident Mistress at Stockport Dungeon

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