F*rced/Encouraged bi……….;) – New Clients Welcome!

Forced bi (uncountable) A sexual fetish in which a heterosexual person (usually a man) is forced to perform homosexual sex acts.


BDSM has many kinks and an outwardly heterosexual male, being humiliated into interacting with another male, is one of those!! These days, the judgement of sexuality is a lot less damming, and people are freer to explore sexuality with people of their own ‘gender’, without having to state that they are bi, bi-curious, gay, etc, etc! Yet, this is a kink, and part of this kink is exploring this fetish without the choice.

Ever had a fantasy that involved another guy??

Ever deep down wanted to suck, or be sucked, f&ck, or be f&cked?? Well I am here to help fulfil that desire!!! 😉

I am to take control, so that all you have to do, is as I command!!! I want you to please Me, and by that I mean to give, or get, sexual pleasure. Don’t worry, you will not be physically pleasing Me though………. you are not THAT lucky, mwahahaha. I might just join in however, with My BIG, HARD STUNT COCK!!!!!

Part of this humiliation may mean that I dress you up in lingerie, rid you of your suit in place of a sissy dress, stockings and frilly knickers! Just to add to your embarrassment. Put some slutty red lipstick on you to be smeared all over your face when you suck My cock, practicing for the real thing!

Don’t keep that fantasy in your head, take the step and make it a reality.

Come join Me in some debauchery!!!

Previously, I only offered this to clients I have sessioned with before, but I am now opening these sessions up to new clients!

Tribute is £200 per hour. 50%, non-refundable deposit mandatory.  It takes a lot to arrange so a week’s notice is needed to get things sorted!

Let’s get KINKY!!!

Mistress Luci x

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