Forced Bi

  • Interactive Bi Application

    I am looking for a reliable sub/kinkster to join in sessions with Myself, as part of interactive Bi, with My male clients. Male, Trans male, He/They. As long as you have the male genitalia I require, then all are welcome to apply! This will be in Manchester. This is NOT a chance for a free […]

  • F*rced/Encouraged bi……….;) – New Clients Welcome!

    Forced bi (uncountable) A sexual fetish in which a heterosexual person (usually a man) is forced to perform homosexual sex acts.   BDSM has many kinks and an outwardly heterosexual male, being humiliated into interacting with another male, is one of those!! These days, the judgement of sexuality is a lot less damming, and people […]

  • Potential Personal slave/Forced Bi slave opportunity

    Potential Personal slave/Forced Bi slave Opportunity Do you have what it takes to become my personal slave?? Or are you willing to become my forced bi slave? Personal slave requirements I have decided to start recruiting for a Personal slave to help make My life a little easier. This is not an opportunity for you […]