Interactive Bi Application

I am looking for a reliable sub/kinkster to join in sessions with Myself, as part of interactive Bi, with My male clients. Male, Trans male, He/They. As long as you have the male genitalia I require, then all are welcome to apply! This will be in Manchester.

This is NOT a chance for a free session or a way to get your kink for a reduced Tribute. It is to add an extra spice to My sessions, you are there as a part of that!

Make sure you READ BEFORE APPLYING and are happy with what I am asking for, or I simply will not reply.


  1. Before I can consider you, you must book a Full Tribute either a half hour or 1 hour session with Myself. This is to see if you are genuine, if you will pay Deposit/Tribute, and to see if I think you will fit the part! I need someone who has no issues in getting hard, or if issues, is happy to ‘give’.


  1. I want to know your location, availability, your limits and I will need a phone number for future correspondence.


  1. If I decide you will be a good fit for sessions this is how things will go. I will message you with a date and time you are needed. I will explain what they want, and I expect you to only agree to that, if you genuinely can do what is being asked. Consent is the biggest thing! Once agreed by all then I will require a £100 Deposit. £25 is a Tribute to join the session, and £75 will be refunded to you on the day. This is to ensure you turn up. It is not uncommon for no shows, and highly unprofessional. It is so important My client is not let down. If you cancel, or are a no show, I will not ask you again. This isn’t just a bit of fun. It is My Career, Reputation and an exciting part for My client. I don’t like letting people down. Also, I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself!!


Now that you have read all of this, and wish to apply, agreeing with all that is required, then email with the heading Interactive Bi Application. Make sure you give all the info I have asked for and ensure you are serious to book a session. I don’t do email tennis, I will expect a deposit sent after the first reply and get things going!! Deposit’s are sent via Bank Transfer or Amazon gift voucher to email.


Keep Kinky!


Mistress Luci x

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