Testimonial from Dean

With my initial vision coupled with the photos from her website I arrived obviously expecting to meet a lady of exquisite beauty. I was not disappointed but whilst beauty may be skin deep Mistress Luci’s depths reveal a woman of exceptional intelligence, a disarming easy-going charm and impeccable manners. I was sure she could see right though me into my very soul, I was lost and believe I would have done anything I was asked.

She will put you completely at ease and at no time will you feel judged or uncomfortable revealing your submissive desires. By this time I had already expressed some of things I had previously enjoyed and with great enthusiasm and creativity I was taken on a journey of trust and respect that left me feeling completely unworthy. Even the mischievous giggles as my body went rigid unable to stop the sadistic torment felt like an act of compassion.

Having been teased with her perfect stocking clad feet I wanted nothing more than to kiss and caress what lay beneath, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to do just that, an act that before this moment had never entered my wildest imagination. Here I was sucking the toes of a Goddess as if It were the most natural thing in the world as indeed it should be.

I had been peering at my submissive side through a crack in a door, my previous session drove a wedge into that crack, my session with Mistress Luci kicked the door from it’s very hinges leaving me with the single desire of doing all that I can to please my Mistress. To me she is perfection personified and the reality that the best things come in small packages.


Dean xxx

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