Testimonial from Jordan

I’d been flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress for a while,so I eventually contacted Princess Lucina of Stockport bdsm as her website spelled out everything in good detail. After a brief,relaxed chat about what I was after,we arranged a session. As many,I presume,ask for a specific session to indulge in certain kinks,fetishes and fantasies like spanking,double domination, watersports etc,I chose not to ask as I felt I would be in safe hands with such a credible Mistress,and the excitement of the unknown is an added bonus.
As I arrived at the dungeon early,I messaged Mistress to let her know I would be waiting for her,I received a message back to make my way to the entrance of the premises and knock on. This was an exiting,nervous moment for me and as soon as the door opened I was greeted with a beautiful smile and a hug from the gorgeous,sexy Princess Lucina and as i was shown to a large room filled with all sorts of things id only ever seen online, I passed and was introduced to another Mistress,Miss Luci White. As I entered the room I gave Mistress her tribute and received another beautiful smile and was left to get showered. A few minutes later after id showered,and placed myself on my knees on the floor and with mood setting music suited to the scene in the background,Princess Lucina re-entered the room and our session began.
I dont really know what I expected,maybe a moody,bad mannered bitch,a screaming physco maybe,but no,I was made to feel at ease all along and knew Mistresses natural,calm attitude which,without demanding it, was expected and respect was duly given.
As I looked up,from her boots,past her gorgeous legs and up to her face, another smile was given to me and a warm hello.
With furter instruction to kneel infront of Mistress as she sat on her throne, I began kissing and licking her shoes clean and being rewarded with being a good boy and more smiles,i was loving handing over myself to her. And now,the fun really began as Princess Lucina left the room and came back in,unexpected with another, beautiful blonde Mistress,Mistress Luci White whom id seen in the reception area before. The rapport between these two phenomenal Mistresses was amazing and with more instruction I was dressed as a little sissy, bound to a cross and had the rest of my dignity,beautifully removed from me. I was,and still am to this day in awe of these two outrageously gorgeous ladies. After a few more amazing scenario’s including being the centre of attention in a spit toast by two “stunt cocks” as they were called,haha,spanking, and another of being drenched in golden nectar I was in a state of pure bliss.
This happened last year,and now I regularly meet these beautiful ladies to session with and the relationship,fun and games only gets better. I am now,a proud owner of my own personal collar. Thank you Miss Luci White and Princess Lucina. love,slave Jordan.x